O'brien Transportation Inc.

Bill Henson  President / CEO

    Since day one,  I've learned that we are all in one big partnership.  I need good drivers to be successful , and you need a good company to be successful...one hand helps the other.  Thirty plus years later, this concept still holds true.

    We are a small family run business, and it's my desire to deliver a premium service to our customers, while treating O'Brien's drivers, owner operators, and employee with respect and Integrity.   You will never be a number here, and our doors are always open to you.  In today's world, it's nice to have a company that you can truly call home. 


"This is where you, the driver, comes in.  We can not be everything to everyone...we are a refrigerated trucking company specializing in the poultry business.  And being in North West Arkansas, we are right in the heart of the poultry community.  Our customers have several choices in which to serve their needs... but it's because of our focus on their requirements, and our drivers performance and service, that we rise above our competitors."

   "I want our company to stand out....not be like everyone else.  If you as a driver feel the same way...and you don't want to be like every other driver then lets put our efforts together and make each other successful and grow ."

Thank You,

     Bill  Henson